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Leadership Lab has given me a group of like-minded leaders who I can count on to encourage and challenge me. Being a part of the Leadership Lab community has helped me process ideas in a way that has given me courage and clarity to move forward with real, positive change. This experience will accelerate your growth as a leader, give you a road map for leadership and help you to have a greater impact on those around you.

Wayne Anderson

President, The Family Office
Leadership Lab gives you a board of directors for you as a leader that helps you grow personally and professionally. There’s true transparency and confidentiality that is so hard to find anywhere else.

William Kirkland

Broker, The Kirkland Company
My experience has helped me be more honest in my relationships and helped me to better understand why other people act the way they do. I value the chance to backup from work and reflect on how I am leading alongside other business owners.

Clay Bright

Commissioner of Transportation, Tennessee Department of Transportation
I have learned that a lot of the issues or challenges I face are not unique. It is how to respond to them and having a trusted community to share and gain insight on how to respond that is most helpful. Brutal honesty and compassion have challenged me to be better at seeing things about myself that I had not known.

Michael Rosen

Co-Founder and Partner, ProviderTrust
My experience as a leader is somewhat lonely. True challenges and real life problems have been things to solve for others, with little time devoted to how my own wiring impacts my daily choices and effectiveness. Leadership Lab has provided a group of authentic people with whom I feel comfortable to process the feelings driving my behavior in leadership roles and beyond. This experience highlights the ongoing work of self-reflection from which all leaders would benefit.

Brett Williams

President, CJC Technologies
In the past, I’ve blamed myself for the failures of the people on my team OR I took too much credit for their success. This rollercoaster was unsustainable emotionally. I needed the time with other leaders, digging deep into my story, and hearing theirs, to truly understand what made me “me”. The new understanding has helped me be more vulnerable with those I’m leading, and as a result, enabled me to lead people who are different from me. I feel like my leadership has added 1-2 new dimensions.
If you deeply desire to be a better husband, father, friend, and leader the investment of time and money will be immeasurably valuable! Don’t think about it too much. Just do it.

Troy Nunn

District Agent, Northwestern Mutual
My experience has brought a lot of clarity to my goals, established new boundaries, and revealed components of my work that I had not previously considered, which is creating a more integrated and powerful life.

Todd Prevost

Principal, Avison Young
If you are thinking about applying for Leadership Lab, don’t overthink it, just do it. I find myself trying to come up with some rate of return on the investment or justification of the costs. What I get out of being a part of a group of leaders doing heart work and life together far outweighs any check that I write.

David Gordon

Vice President & Division Manager, Brasfield & Gorrie, LLC
I would highly recommend [this] to anyone seeking to develop a clear path forward towards long term success, happiness and peace.

Cory Short

President, Highland Building Group
[This process] enabled us to create and maintain a healthy culture, while still winning start-up of the year awards and being named to the Inc. 5000 list as the fastest growing software company in [TN]

Chris Redhage

Co-Founder, ProviderTrust, Co-Owner Nashville SC
Little did I know the impact this would have on my life! My children have seen a difference in the way I parent. My wife has a better husband, and my employees have a better leader.

Tim Whittemore

Owner, Operator Chick-Fil-A
Being a leader is a lonely place, and most family and friends just don’t understand or relate. Having a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and leaders who are willing and able to go deep is invaluable.

James (“Jay”) M. Adcox III

Legacy Law Group, PLLC
Through Leadership Lab, I learned how to lead more from a “heart” or “feeling” perspective. I pressed into and explored why I lead a certain way due to my own specific life story.

Russ Connelly

Owner, Craters and Freighters
This straight forward, relationship-centered approach gave us the clarity we need to succeed.

Hunter Connelly

Evergreen Real Estate
This is a great use of time and a way to grow your leadership skills that is very different from other resources out there.

Aaron White

Principal and Co-founder, Evergreen Real Estate
Leadership Lab has given me more clarity on who I am and what unique talents I have as a leader. I have gained more empathy to understand others and more confidence to share my voice as I take on more leadership responsibilities in my life and work.

Brad H. Barnes, CFP

Executive Vice President, Southwestern Investment Group
Being part of a group of men who are high achieving, smart and brave and want the same things out of life, business and family has been transformative for me. These are men who have the same fears that I do and are willing to share them with other men.

Scott Haley

Founder and Partner, HR Properties

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