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Don’t Lead Alone

A study conducted in 2013 by the Center for Leadership Development and Research (CLDR) at Stanford Graduate School of Business found that two-thirds of CEOs do not receive outside leadership advice, but nearly all want it.

We all know that being a leader doesn’t mean you have the answers. In fact, it often means that you are charged with charting a course through confusion.

More Responsibility = More Isolation

Very often, the more leadership responsibilities you have, the more isolated you become. This increased isolation can jeopardize success because isolation increases:

– risk of professional burnout
– life/work imbalance
– blindspot decision making (making decisions without knowing what you don’t know and/or lack of awareness about personal biases.)

On the contrary, leaders who have coaches and/or are part of a peer-mentoring group can see an increase in their;

– conflict management skills
– ability to develop key team members
– motivate and inspire others
– personal-life satisfaction
– find more meaningful, impact, and influence

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